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Dave And Tammy

Dave & Tammy Johnson - Owners

The dream started for Dave & I when we watched a TV show about food trucks…

We both looked at each other and said, “Could we really do that??? Why not?” Dave had been in the restaurant industry his whole life.

Dave and I were both in a rut at our jobs. He was delivering pizzas and I was teaching preschool. I was burnt out. We both needed a new job, BAD!! When we realized that we really could open a food truck with the help of my mom, our dream started to become a reality.

We found this little red coffee truck on Craig’s List, but it was small. Was it really what we wanted? We kept looking... Everyday Dave sat on the computer for hours looking for the perfect truck. It had to have BIG serving windows and a shelf outside to put stuff on. That’s what I wanted… We looked again at the little red truck. It hadn’t sold yet, but it’s small. We kept looking. We found a big truck in Florida, but it needed work!!!! The price was good though. We made plans to go to Florida and look at the truck. Then, the guy turned out to be a flake and the deal fell through. So, we looked at the little red truck again. It was still on Craig’s List. \ It hadn’t sold yet. It was so close to us. It was only in Springfield, MO. Maybe it’s not soo small. Maybe it was fate. We decided to go look at it. We drove to Springfield and pulled up at Copper Canyon Coffee Company. A small family owned coffee roasting business. We met the nicest family. The whole family was there to greet us and out back was this little red truck. It was so cute and it had BIG serving windows and a shelf outside. It was shiny red. We took a test drive and fell in love. They had taken good care of it and it was in great condition. We bought a food truck that day and drove her to her new home in St. Louis.

That was in May of 2012 and that’s when we began “Livin’ the Dream”. Since then our life has been a whirlwind of excitement. We have had our ups and downs and lots of surprises with this little business of ours, but, it’s been so worth it. We are definitely not in a rut anymore. We’re definitely “Livin’ the Dream”!